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Website Fails to Rank on Furst Page of Google

You have done all the right things, you have got a designer to create you a flash looking website, spent time and effort thinking about your content and online image, taken all the best advice and now you find that your website gets little or no traffic and adds nothing to your business.

Does this sound familiar?  Unfortunately at Oxford SEO, it is something we hear far too regularly from prospective clients.  This is not what most of our clients originally envisaged when embarking down the website creation route.

This is not the case for all website owners, a few website owners are not really bothered by this lack of traffic, as they purely see their website as a proof point, or a box to be ticked and thus used as a tool in the sales process.
For most clients they see their website as an essential means of attracting new customers and communicating with existing customers and prospects.  To achieve this effectively your website needs traffic.

SEO Aylesbury and OxfordThere are a number of ways you can get traffic to your website, these include paid online and offline advertising and ranking highly in the key search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for natural searches.

The paid advertising route can be a bottomless pit, where you keep having to invest month after month to insure you still get the traffic you need to generate new customer prospects and sales.

A far more sustainable strategy is to ensure your website ranks well in the natural search results on the likes of Google.
In order to achieve this goal you need to consider search engine optimisation or SEO. But before we look deeper into the world of SEO let us first look at what the search engines want?

Search engines all want the same thing, to deliver the most appropriate content to any users search query.

This then leads to the question what is SEO?
The goal of SEO isn’t to cheat or “game” the search engines.

The Purpose of SEO is to:

  • Make sure your website’s content is seen as the most appropriate content to answer a user’s query, by creating a great, seamless user experience from search query to search answer.
  • Communicate to the search engines your intentions so they can recommend your website for relevant searches.

SEO Summary

Good SEO can mean the difference between you getting thousands of visitors a day or getting no visitors a year. You should always keep SEO in the forefront of your mind, and always follow best practices. Many SEO Companies skip the basics of SEO and damage your website beyond repair. When selecting a SEO company see how their website ranks on Google, and ask questions about their long-term approach to sustainable SEO. If they can’t answer these questions find another SEO Guru.